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Investing in stocks, bonds, and other assets that present various forms of risk to investors could result in losses, and positive returns are not guaranteed. Diversification only reduces risk of capital loss and does not eliminate this risk. Measures of expected return and/or expected risk are not forecasts of returns or risks but are only statistical definitions for modeling purposes based upon financial and statistical analyses. Past performance is no indication of future results, and all investments or assets could lose value in the future due to a variety of financial factors. Due to volatility exhibited in various investment markets, including but not limited to stocks, bonds, and other forms of invest-able assets, including asset classes described in this book, investors are advised that these markets may not perform in a similar manner in the future. Among other risks that can affect value, financial assets are also exposed to potential inflation and liquidity risks. Investors may experience different results in any chosen investment strategy or portfolio depending on the time and placement of capital into any assets associated thereto. The performance of a specific, individual investments may vary substantially from the examples and graphs in this book. Investors are cautioned that they should carefully consider fully diversifying their total personal investment allocations to incorporate a variety of investment assets, which also may include stocks, stock mutual funds and ETFs, international assets, bonds and fixed-income instruments (where appropriate), and other non-stock/bond investments (e.g., without limitation, real estate, reinsurance, alternative lending, timberland, VRP harvesting, real assets, and other asset classes as they have been discussed in this book, or, may be advised or analyzed through other information sources). The graphs are for illustrative purposes only to show possible return profiles of various asset classes. These illustrations are not historical returns and are not projections of future returns. These illustrations are not compliant with any independent investment performance measurement standards including those of the Global Investment Policy Standards organization and are shown only for illustrative purposes. Mr. Halliburton does not make any assertions, estimates, or guarantees about future results. Future results are unpredictable and could result in losses. Expected long-term returns are not forecasts or guarantees and are merely reasonable long-term goals for diversified strategies. Actual results could vary materially from these expected long-term returns and could result in losses.
For example, and not exclusively among all graphs displayed herein, the “Average vs Compounded Expected Returns & Risk Impact” graph (Figure 7.3) illustrates the difference, for each diversified strategy and the stock-and-bond-only comparable, between the expected average returns and compounded returns of the median result of a Monte Carlo simulation of 5,000 trial twenty-year periods. Over 5,000 random trials of twenty years, half the results should be above and half below the median. This is not a forecast or prediction and is graphically presented for illustrative purposes only. Many of the asset classes discussed in this book can be accessed through mutual funds and the interval fund subset thereof. Please review the full prospectus of any fund that you are considering. There are no express or implied recommendations or endorsements of any mutual fund, exchange traded fund, any investment vehicle or asset manager employing any strategy in this book, including any firms or individuals who may have been named. These name references are made in the text for commentary and sourcing for definition and explanation of asset classes and strategies only. It does not express or imply any person’s or firm’s endorsement of any aspects or text within this book, nor this book’s endorsement of them. The full range of risks pertaining to any individual fund or asset, and advisory or cautionary disclosures regarding same is beyond the scope of this book. The author’s personal or recommended utilization of any strategies or asset classes for deployment within portfolios may change over time and without notice.